50 Years of the Cat

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Cougar_50thBased on the Mustang chassis (3 inch longer wheel-base), with European styling like the Jaguar, this American Cat was sporty and luxurious. In 1967, the first Mercury Cougar rolled off the assembly line and into icon history. Featuring a base-model and the luxury XR-7, the first generation Cougar also had a performance package, the GT. But what a magnificent car was the XR-7 with its simulated wood-grained dashboard, black faced instruments, toggle switches, overhead console, leather-vinyl upholstery, and more. So not only did the car have speed, but it had style, even with what people were calling the “electric shaver” front end grille.

67CougarMTThe 1967 Cougar was introduced with the music of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’ “The Work Song”, (Watch a rare video here), and was a success from its introduction and helped increase the sales figures for the Lincoln-Mercury Division in 1967. The Cougar was Motor Trend magazine’s car of the year for 1967.

Comfort and performance – that was the mantra. But let’s not forget the limited models, especially the Cougar XR7-G, named for Mercury road racer, Dan GurneyDanGurney. With add-ons such as a hood scoop, fog lamps, and hood pins, there were only 619 of these rare cars, and only 14 featured the powerful 428 CJ engine.

The Cougar was a Mercury icon for many years. We hope you were able to attend one of the 50th Anniversary shows this year. From all of us at Auto Krafters, Happy 5oth Birthday, Cougar!

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50 Years of the Ford Mustang and Still Going

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The Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary Logo

The Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Logo

2014 – 50 years of the Ford Mustang. Ever since it first rolled off the line on April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang has created a mystique that has endured the test of time. Songs and books have been written, movies made, races won, all touting the iconic Mustang. There are not many cars that can claim the same fandom loyalty as it can.

Ford is expected to release the 2015 Mustang in April of 2014. Current guesses place the design somewhere between the current model and the EVO concept car. Check out some of the info here. There is a 50th anniversary Holman Moody TdF kit you can purchase to dress up your 2014 Mustang.

There will be Pony rides across the US, car shows galore, commemorative merchandise, and so much more. It’s a historic occasion.

If you’re a fan of the Ford Mustang be sure to take advantage of all the shows and celebrations happening in 2014. It should be a fun time.

Irish Fords

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Henry Ford Tavern in Ballinascarthy

Henry Ford Tavern in Ballinascarthy

There is a lot of Irish in Ford and this weekend we can celebrate that connection.

Henry Ford’s father, William Ford, was tenant farmer from Ballinascarthy, County Cork in Ireland. He came to the US in 1847. Ford’s adoptive grandfather, Patrick Ahern, was born in County Cork, Ireland as well. Interesting family tree they had. Patrick Ahern (sometimes spelled O’Hern) was the adoptive father of Ford’s mother, Mary Litogot. Can you guess the name of the town Patrick Ahern was from? It was called Fair Lane. Sound familiar? It should since that is the name that Henry Ford gave to his estate in Dearborn as well as the name of a car line much loved during the ’60s.

Stainless steel Model T Ford honoring Henry Ford

Stainless steel Model T honoring Henry Ford

In 1917, the Ford Motor Co. opened its first overseas plant at the marina in County Cork, a decision most likely influenced by the family connection. The Cork factory produced the world’s last ever Model T Ford, which left its gates in December 1928. In 2000, they erected a stainless steel version of the Model T to honor Henry Ford in Ireland. You can visit it near the Henry Ford Tavern in Ballinascarthy.

The Irish are a hard working, fun loving people. If you ever get the chance to visit Ireland, do so. It’s a lovely place. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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Google Map of Ballinascarthy in Ireland

Biggest Professional Football Event

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The 2013 Lincoln MKZ

2013 Lincoln MKZ

In some countries football is also known as rugby. In other countries, football is synonymous with soccer. But in the US, football is major sport, not only collegiately, but also professionally. And this weekend is the grand daddy game of the season, the Super Bowl®. It’s Super Bowl® XLVII (that’s 47 to people who think that Roman numerals are too archaic) and it will be in New Orleans, LA. AFC champs are the Baltimore Ravens®. Representing the NFC are the San Francisco 49ers®.

Many people get together to have parties on Sunday. There are pregame shows, pre-pregame shows, pregame analysis shows, not to mention endless speculations from former players and even animals that some claim can pick the Super Bowl winner. There are bets, beer, and bountiful tables of snacks for the fans. Then there is the game.

But amidst all the hoopla about who wins or loses, there is something even more significant about the Super Bowl – the ads. Who remembers the cat herding commercial or last year’s Doritos® fan commercial, the one about the missing cat and the Doritos® bribe form the dog? Those ads were talked about for weeks. For a 30 second ad, they are charging between $3.7 to a record $4 million each. Yes, they are sold out. Some companies declined to advertise this year due to the costs, but the exposure will be incredible. We’re not talking just in the US, but in at least 13 other countries.

This year, Ford is pulling out the stops with a Super Bowl ad for the Lincoln® line relaunch. They hired Jimmy Fallon to collect and review tweets from the public about crazy road trips. It includes an alien space ship on location in the California dessert, some turtles and a group of motorcycle riders – and don’t forget the alpacas! Sound interesting to you? You can check out a clip here.

Enjoy the game, the parties, and the ads. Should be fun.

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1965 Ford GT40

1965 Ford GT40 for auction.

$3 million… what could we do with a sum of money like that? Pay off all our bills? Take a trip around the world? How about buying a 1965 Ford GT40? You can do that if you have registered for the RM auction to be held in Arizona on January 18, 2013. This car is expected to sell for around a mere $3 million. But this is isn’t just any car.

The GT40 was developed to break the Ferrari winning streak at LeMans – after some major disagreements between Ford and Ferrari when merger talks broke down. What a way to exact some payback.

This street version has been detuned to a 335 horsepower 4.7 liter V-8 engine. The shocks have been softened and comfortable bucket seats installed. It’s a real beauty.

Are you drooling yet? Do you really want it? Have the spare cash? Then be sure to register for the auction. Check it out at http://www.rmauctions.com . If you happen to be the lucky bidder, may we have a ride in it? Pretty please?

Thanksgiving Dinner or Cooking with Cars Revisited

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Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters with special guest, Alton Brown

Adam Savage, Alton Brown and Jamie Hyneman with their Cadillac. Picture is courtesy of Mental Floss.

Did you happen to catch the Sunday night episode of Mythbusters this past weekend? If not, it was amazing. Alton Brown was a guest. Along with Jamie and Adam, they were testing whether you could cook a full Thanksgiving meal using your car. They made a turkey broken down into three preparations — some roasted, some confit style and some baked over herbs — dressing, sweet potatoes, asparagus, gravy, brussels sprouts in blue cheese, creamed corn which they placed in various spots under the hood and under the car, and mini pies, which baked over the air cleaner. Then they drove 4 hours in their Cadillac.

By the time they reached their destination, they removed some thermoses and the pan with the turkey breast (securely wired around the catalytic converter), other thermoses from under the hood, and the pies. They were all cooked very well, with the exception of the gravy, which came out too thin. They improvised a soup from that.

Granted your kitchen is a much better option, but a full meal? I wonder what my parents would think if we showed up at their place about 6 hours from us with a fully prepared dinner. Hmmmmm…

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Auto Krafters!

50 Years of James Bond

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ImageAston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5. Courtesy of the International Spy Museum.

The James Bond franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with the release of Skyfall. While the movies often follow a predictable script, it’s the gadgets and the cars we love. From exploding pens to magnetic watches, Bond has some of the most innovative toys. And the cars – especially the Aston Martin. You see it and almost immediately start humming the James Bond theme. I had the pleasure of seeing one at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. (It’s a great experience if you ever get the chance to visit it.) The DB5 on display at the museum was used to promote the 1964 film, Goldfinger.

There were a great many vehicles, including planes and trains, used in James Bond films. Included in the pantheon is large list of Fords, such as the Mustang, Contour, Thunderbird, Galaxie, and Bronco – even the recent Quantum of Solace featuring the Ka and Edge and a brief appearance by a Bronco II. Remember playing Spot-the-Ford while watching television series of the ’60s and ’70s? Well, you can play that game and more when watching the Bond films.

So when watching your own collection of Bond films, or seeing them on television, or even while watching the latest Bond release, enjoy the chase scenes, the gadgets, and some of the most wonderful vehicles ever while enjoying your own “shaken, not stirred” martini.