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New Mustang Magazine Set to Reignite Mustang Magic

October 1, 2009
Mustang Magazine Cover

Mustang Magazine Cover

A powerful new Mustang magazine, created by a dedicated group of experienced Mustang aficionados, has begun. They say their veteran staff aims to capture the excitement and spirit of the great ’64½-’73 Mustangs.

“As big corporations have taken over, they’ve gravitated toward late-model Mustangs and neglected the classic ’64-’73 models,” said Publisher Curt Patterson. “Mustang Magazine will correct that out-of-balance situation with a fresh, new look at the great, vintage Mustangs.”

One of Patterson’s first moves was hiring experienced editor, Tom Shaw. Shaw, like Patterson, worked at Dobbs Publishing, a highly influential Lakeland, Florida-based company renowned for innovation, aggressive growth, and taking on giants. Shaw’s extensive background in Fords, 20-plus years as a magazine editor and contributor, and reputation for quality photography is expected to propel Mustang Magazine to become the new leader in its class. Patterson has successfully launched over 20 new titles.

Patterson stresses that it will not be a rehash of well-worn themes frequently repeated in other magazines. “Every page, every component of Mustang Magazine will have to live up to our new, higher standards,” Patterson promised.

Tapping into the high-spirited excitement of the original Mustang is what Mustang Magazine is all about. The first issue has already been printed. It features a guest editorial by Larry Dobbs; some great articles on Mustangs like a 1965 K-GT, a 1969 Boss 302, a 1967 Mustang Restomod; and more. The photography is great.

They are offering you a free issue on their web site, or you can subscribe online.

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