Thanksgiving Dinner or Cooking with Cars Revisited

Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters with special guest, Alton Brown

Adam Savage, Alton Brown and Jamie Hyneman with their Cadillac. Picture is courtesy of Mental Floss.

Did you happen to catch the Sunday night episode of Mythbusters this past weekend? If not, it was amazing. Alton Brown was a guest. Along with Jamie and Adam, they were testing whether you could cook a full Thanksgiving meal using your car. They made a turkey broken down into three preparations — some roasted, some confit style and some baked over herbs — dressing, sweet potatoes, asparagus, gravy, brussels sprouts in blue cheese, creamed corn which they placed in various spots under the hood and under the car, and mini pies, which baked over the air cleaner. Then they drove 4 hours in their Cadillac.

By the time they reached their destination, they removed some thermoses and the pan with the turkey breast (securely wired around the catalytic converter), other thermoses from under the hood, and the pies. They were all cooked very well, with the exception of the gravy, which came out too thin. They improvised a soup from that.

Granted your kitchen is a much better option, but a full meal? I wonder what my parents would think if we showed up at their place about 6 hours from us with a fully prepared dinner. Hmmmmm…

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Auto Krafters!

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