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Biggest Professional Football Event

January 31, 2013
The 2013 Lincoln MKZ

2013 Lincoln MKZ

In some countries football is also known as rugby. In other countries, football is synonymous with soccer. But in the US, football is major sport, not only collegiately, but also professionally. And this weekend is the grand daddy game of the season, the Super Bowl®. It’s Super Bowl® XLVII (that’s 47 to people who think that Roman numerals are too archaic) and it will be in New Orleans, LA. AFC champs are the Baltimore Ravens®. Representing the NFC are the San Francisco 49ers®.

Many people get together to have parties on Sunday. There are pregame shows, pre-pregame shows, pregame analysis shows, not to mention endless speculations from former players and even animals that some claim can pick the Super Bowl winner. There are bets, beer, and bountiful tables of snacks for the fans. Then there is the game.

But amidst all the hoopla about who wins or loses, there is something even more significant about the Super Bowl – the ads. Who remembers the cat herding commercial or last year’s Doritos® fan commercial, the one about the missing cat and the Doritos® bribe form the dog? Those ads were talked about for weeks. For a 30 second ad, they are charging between $3.7 to a record $4 million each. Yes, they are sold out. Some companies declined to advertise this year due to the costs, but the exposure will be incredible. We’re not talking just in the US, but in at least 13 other countries.

This year, Ford is pulling out the stops with a Super Bowl ad for the Lincoln® line relaunch. They hired Jimmy Fallon to collect and review tweets from the public about crazy road trips. It includes an alien space ship on location in the California dessert, some turtles and a group of motorcycle riders – and don’t forget the alpacas! Sound interesting to you? You can check out a clip here.

Enjoy the game, the parties, and the ads. Should be fun.