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Irish Fords

March 15, 2013
Henry Ford Tavern in Ballinascarthy

Henry Ford Tavern in Ballinascarthy

There is a lot of Irish in Ford and this weekend we can celebrate that connection.

Henry Ford’s father, William Ford, was tenant farmer from Ballinascarthy, County Cork in Ireland. He came to the US in 1847. Ford’s adoptive grandfather, Patrick Ahern, was born in County Cork, Ireland as well. Interesting family tree they had. Patrick Ahern (sometimes spelled O’Hern) was the adoptive father of Ford’s mother, Mary Litogot. Can you guess the name of the town Patrick Ahern was from? It was called Fair Lane. Sound familiar? It should since that is the name that Henry Ford gave to his estate in Dearborn as well as the name of a car line much loved during the ’60s.

Stainless steel Model T Ford honoring Henry Ford

Stainless steel Model T honoring Henry Ford

In 1917, the Ford Motor Co. opened its first overseas plant at the marina in County Cork, a decision most likely influenced by the family connection. The Cork factory produced the world’s last ever Model T Ford, which left its gates in December 1928. In 2000, they erected a stainless steel version of the Model T to honor Henry Ford in Ireland. You can visit it near the Henry Ford Tavern in Ballinascarthy.

The Irish are a hard working, fun loving people. If you ever get the chance to visit Ireland, do so. It’s a lovely place. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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