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Happy Birthday, Ford Falcon!

September 3, 2009

Falcon_50th_cakeIt’s hard to believe that it’s been 50 years since the Ford Falcon made its debut in the fall of 1959. In fact it was on this very day. It’s strange to have watched these little cars change over the years.

From 1960-63 they stayed the cheap little compact car.

Then in 1964-65, the bodies changed and the car had more stylish good looks. You could get sedans, hardtops, convertibles, Rancheros, station wagons, or a sedan delivery! The choices were almost endless.

Then came the 1966-69 Falcon. It was kinda crossed between a Falcon and Fairlane. Ford only offered 6-cylinder, 289 and 302 in these cars. I don’t know why they didn’t offer a big block option. I think that would have been great. Don’t you?

It’s a shame the Falcon didn’t last longer than it did. But then again, if they hadn’t made them they would not have made the Mustang since the Mustang was based off the Falcon.

Now if you ever visit Australia you can still see new Ford Falcons over there. They are really neat! At least somebody is keeping the Falcons from becoming extinct.

So the next time you go to a car show , drag races or even a cruise-in, keep your eyes wide open because you may just see some of that classic Ford history rolling right pass you!

So on behalf of myself, Auto Krafters and all Ford fans….HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!


My 1963 Falcon Project Car

February 27, 2009

Do you remember the first time you ever saw a Ford Falcon? I do. I was 10 years old when my dad came home from his buddy’s house with this gray primer ’64 Falcon Futura. I thought,  “This car is awesome!” It had a 351w with a C4 tranny, a 9 inch rear with 411 gears. That car was fast. Ever since then I’ve been addicted to Falcons.

Here’s a picture of my ’63 Falcon that I got from my dad. It took me 5 years to get it, but I finally did.

My 1963 Falcon

My 1963 Falcon

The car is a 1963 Falcon 2dr. hardtop. The original 260 V-8 and 2-speed automatic are long gone! So far in the past year I have mini tubbed the car and painted it with a great buddy of mine. As for the drive train, it now has a 347 stroker with a world class T5 tranny. It also has a 200hp shot of nitrous. The rear has a Mustang 8.8 with 3.55:1 gears with 31 spline Moser axles and an Auburn pro locker posi unit. We had the cowl hood made about 6 years ago. The car does have air conditioning as well. I love to go fast, but at the same time I like to stay nice and cool.

So far about 85% of the parts have come from Auto Krafters. Be looking for some interior shots as well as the disc brake conversion I am in the middle of doing right now.