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50 Years of the Cat

August 10, 2017

Cougar_50thBased on the Mustang chassis (3 inch longer wheel-base), with European styling like the Jaguar, this American Cat was sporty and luxurious. In 1967, the first Mercury Cougar rolled off the assembly line and into icon history. Featuring a base-model and the luxury XR-7, the first generation Cougar also had a performance package, the GT. But what a magnificent car was the XR-7 with its simulated wood-grained dashboard, black faced instruments, toggle switches, overhead console, leather-vinyl upholstery, and more. So not only did the car have speed, but it had style, even with what people were calling the “electric shaver” front end grille.

67CougarMTThe 1967 Cougar was introduced with the music of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’ “The Work Song”, (Watch a rare video here), and was a success from its introduction and helped increase the sales figures for the Lincoln-Mercury Division in 1967. The Cougar was Motor Trend magazine’s car of the year for 1967.

Comfort and performance – that was the mantra. But let’s not forget the limited models, especially the Cougar XR7-G, named for Mercury road racer, Dan GurneyDanGurney. With add-ons such as a hood scoop, fog lamps, and hood pins, there were only 619 of these rare cars, and only 14 featured the powerful 428 CJ engine.

The Cougar was a Mercury icon for many years. We hope you were able to attend one of the 50th Anniversary shows this year. From all of us at Auto Krafters, Happy 5oth Birthday, Cougar!

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Auto Krafters Announces the Release of 2 New Catalogs

March 31, 2009

2009 Falcon Catalog Cover

2009 Falcon Catalog Cover

The all new 2009 Falcon catalog is back from the printers. We’ve added a lot of new parts and accessories in this issue for the 1960-70 1/2 Falcon, 1960-65 Comet, and the 1960-66 Ranchero. The cover features a stunning 1961 Falcon 2-door sedan from a customer in Front Royal, Virginia. It’s one of our nicest Falcon catalogs yet.
2009 Pinto Catalog Cover

2009 Pinto Catalog Cover

We have also introduced a 12 page catalog for the 1971-80 Ford Pinto and 1975-80 Mercury Bobcat. We know the jokes that have been around for years about the Pinto, but we have had so many requests from Pinto fans to start carrying items for the car.

Be sure to take a look at both new catalogs. Check out the Falcon catalog here. Check out the Pinto catalog here.

Just to let you know what’s coming up next, we will have a new truck catalog that combines both the 1973-79 F-Series and the 1980-96 F-Series. It will also include the 1978-96 Bronco. Keep an eye out for it.

Mercury Memories

January 16, 2009
1963 Monterey Breezeway

1963 Monterey Breezeway

In the late 60s, we had a Mercury. It was a plain brown color with a brown interior. My father has never bought a brand-new car, so this car was already a few years old. I cannot recall for certainty if it was a Montclair or Monterey, but I do know it had something special that none of our cars before or since have had. This car had the Breezeway window. One of the most wonderful things to a family of four children and a dog. While most people would roll up their windows when it rained, we could have the rear window down and still enjoy the fresh air. My father was in the military for most of my childhood so traveling was par for the course. 

One special thing that still brings fond memories to me was when we had the special treat of going to a drive-in movie. My mother would pop a couple of large brown grocery bags full of fresh popcorn. Then we would all pile into the Mercury to go enjoy a Disney movie at the drive-in. For any of you that recall those icons of Americana, you would remember trying to place the speaker on your car door just right when you parked in your space. Mom always had my father try to get a place in the center so that she had a good view of the screen. Then all of us kids would pile out the rear window and sit on the edge between the window and rear seat. We could hear the movie just fine from all the speakers there. It had the added advantage of being able to slide back into the back seat to grab some popcorn, then squirm back out the window. There was nothing like enjoying a summer evening going to the movies.

We lost that car on one of our trips to Iowa to visit my grandparents. It had just worn out. We all missed that car.

On one of my many trips to the Carlisle All-Ford, I was privileged to see a restored version of that car. It brought back fond memories. One of these days, I am going to treat my husband and myself to a trip to Stephens City or even Lexington, now that they have a drive-in as well. It won’t be the same as sitting on the trunk with my brother and sisters (and yes, sometimes we snuck in the dog), but I am sure it will be a wonderful experience anyway.