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Auto Krafters Announces a New Catalog

May 26, 2009

'73-'9 F-Series and '78-'79 Bronco 2009 catalog cover

'73-'9 F-Series and '78-'79 Bronco 2009 catalog cover

The all new 2009 ’73-96 Ford F-Series Pickup Truck and ’78-’96 Bronco catalog is now available. Some of our current customers will notice that we’ve combined two of our catalogs into one. There were so many parts applications overlaps that we thought it made sense to make two smaller catalogs into one catalog. We hope you will like it. We are constantly tweaking our catalogs to make them more readable by changing some formats, adding more diagrams, and, of course, adding more relevant pictures. If you have some suggestions for catalog improvements, we would love to hear them.

You can download the new catalog or order your copy here.


Undercover Speakers

April 30, 2009





Looking for an upgrade to your stereo system, but don’t have a lot of cash to put in it? Then check out our new line of Custom Autosound Undercover sub-woofers. Finally an affordable sub-woofer that can go under most automotive seats or even in the trunk, without taking up all your space!

We have a set of these subs in our showroom for display with a Custom Autosound radio and they have an incredible sound! For a sub-woofer and a tweeter, they are crystal clear! I plan on installing some in my car and will let you know how they sound in there.

We have two different size woofers and power outputs available. You can check out the 5.5″ subwoofer here, and the 8″ subwoofer here. Any questions or comments please contact us.

So put your windows down, turn the radio up, and let the good times roll!

The Bronco Fan Shroud is Back!

January 23, 2009


66-77 Bronco Fan Shroud

66-77 Bronco Fan Shroud


Hey early Bronco people,

We now have a fan shroud for 66-77 Bronco with 289 and 302 engines. It’s made from a very strong plastic that is flexible enough that it doesn’t break in shipment like the original ones did. It’s also made from the original Ford tooling. Check out part #C6TZ-8146J!

Want a Roush Mustang?

January 23, 2009


Roush Mustang Body Kit

Roush Mustang Body Kit


Have you ever wanted a new Roush Mustang real bad?…me too! But let’s face it, not a lot of us can afford one.

But what if you already had a ’05-’09 GT? Why not make it into a fire breathing Roush? Wanna know how?

I’ll tell you, it’s because we have complete Roush body kits! And it doesn’t stop there either. We have Roush superchargers as well! We have the exhaust for that great “Muscle Car” sound as well.

Check out all the parts for your new pony on our site or just give us a call. Let us know how we can help you.

From the Research Department 1/20/09

January 20, 2009

This is a new adventure for me. I have read blogs, but I have never written one, which you will probably pick up on right away. As a matter of fact, I only just recently found out what a blog is. For instance, what is a Meta? Does anyone know? I don’t. So buckle up, this could be a rough ride!

A lot of new parts were added this week. Some are listed below.

• Owner’s manuals for 1965, 1966 and 1967 full-size Ford cars, B369265, B369266 and B369267.

• Upper and lower control arms for the 74-78 Pinto / Bobcat, D5FZ-3082PR and D7FZ-3078PR. These are new old stock and have some surface rust on them. Sold in pairs only. Because they are NOS, supplies are very limited.

• Brake and/or clutch pedal pad for the Pinto, D1FZ-2457B.

• Disc brake dust shields for Fairlane, Torino, Comet, Montego, Falcon, Mustang and Cougar are also new, C9OZ-2K004/5.

Check often, because we are adding new items all the time.

PS: Don’t tell me what a Meta is. I really don’t want to know. Slow down and be careful.

Pinto and Maverick Body Pads

January 16, 2009

Hi everyone!

Do you have a peppy 71-76 Pinto or a 70-77 Maverick?

We have just released our latest parts for these classic Fords – Taillight to body pads!

D0DZ-13420B Taillight to body pads

These are made out of foam just like the originals. The color is black whereas your originals may have been white or gray. But these fit just great! Part number is D0DZ-13420B and the price won’t break the bank. Check them out here!

Don’t forget car show’s are just around the corner. This March 27-29 2009 we will be at The Spring Columbus show. Please come and check out our booth.