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Balancing Your New Styled Steel Wheels

March 20, 2009

Back Plate of a Styled Steel Wheel

Back Plate of a Styled Steel Wheel

Just a quick note for all customers who have bought or are considering buying a set of Styled Steel Wheels.

All Styled Steel Wheels should be “Lug Centric” balanced. This balances the wheel by using the 5 lug holes, and is the most accurate from of balancing. Cone balancing is the most common method of balancing and some smaller shops may not offer “Lug Centric” balancing. Cone balancing assumes that the small hubcap hole and the large backing plate hole are both on true center of the wheel. Request that your Styled Steel wheels be “Lug Centric” balanced.

If you have any further questions about your wheel purchase, please email us or give us a call.