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Carbecue Anyone?

April 30, 2009

They call it carbecuing. What is it? It’s cooking food on the engine of your car while driving. OK, I’ve never done this, though my father has said it is quite possible, especially on older vehicles, and that food actually turns out pretty good. I guess it is no more odd than people who cook salmon in a dishwasher or make grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron. I am definitely not advocating that you take your classic Galaxie on a trip from Peoria to Louisville for the upcoming race and make dinner while driving there, you’ve worked hard enough to get your car restored.

I’ve discovered that they do cooking times in miles instead of minutes. Some recipes even specify the speed with the mileage. One of the main things they recommend is finding the warmest spot on your engine – usually the closer to your exhaust manifold, the better.

There are loads of issues with doing this, such as foil packs leaking, the package moving while in transit, fumes backing up in your engine, and more. So why do it? Some people just find it an easy way to have a warm meal when they arrive at their destination. Some people are just born to multi-task. Still others look for ways to economize while traveling.

Here is a link to one site that can get you started. Cook Food on Your Car’s Engine

Manifold Destiny

Manifold Destiny

You say you need a cookbook? Well, there is one. It’s titled “Manifold Destiny” and you can still find copies of it around. In fact, there is a 2008 edition now including cooking on newer car models such as the Scion and Escalade. It has recipes such as Baked Gilroy Garlic Highway 101, Maryland Crab Imperial and include the approximate number of driving miles needed to cook them.

If you come up with some good recipes for cooking on your car’s engine, let me know. I think it might be fun to share them. Just be sure to note the speed and number of miles it takes to get the meal done.

Bon appetite!


Classic Car Dreams

February 3, 2009


My Dream Car

My Dream Car

My husband and I had a great conversation with a gentleman the other day. We found out that he is an avid Ford fan. He brought up an interesting point about the state of the classic car hobby here in the United States: No matter the state of the economy, the average person in the US will always want one of the iconic classic cars sitting in his or her garage. It doesn’t matter if it is a Ford, GM or Chrysler product, chances are one of them will be their dream car.¬†Then we brought up the question, out of the classic cars from the past 40+ years, has there been a Japanese made car that has stirred the collective imagination of car enthusiasts in the US? I thought of the Datsun Z series, but have difficulty thinking of any others.

So, I’m asking you, out of all the classic cars since the 50s, which one do you dream of having in your garage and why? What about your choice makes your makes your hands itch to hold the steering wheel? There are no right or wrong answers, just our dreams.