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Ford Model Consolidation?

March 20, 2009



There has been a lot of talk lately about consolidating model lines to save money for auto makers. Some years ago, Futurama had an episode that featured the all new “Thundercougarfalconbird”. Here’s my take on it. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂
(No, this is not a real car.)


From the President’s Desk: TV Fords

February 20, 2009
Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

Most of us grew up in the 1960s watching black and white TV. Living in rural south central Nebraska, and until 1968, we only received 2 channels. It was quite a treat to get a new Sylvania color TV in ’68 and also install a large roof top antenna that allowed us to finally receive NBC. Prior to the antenna we used rabbit ears and received only ABC for many years, followed by CBS about 1965. For those of us who like old Fords, we are fortunate that Ford Motor Company lent cars to many series of the ’60s for promotional purposes.

Here are a few of the series I remember as having primarily Ford automobiles in them. I must add here that for several years I have collected old TV show on VHS and now DVDs so I get to watch these shows frequently. Everyone has seen the Andy Griffith show. The shows featured full size Fords as Mayberry’s police cars and lots of Comets and Falcons showed up as well around town. Rich tourists drove T’birds and when Barney bought a used car, which turned out to be lemon, it was a 55 or 56 Ford convertible. You would think Ford would have required them to use a Chevy for that episode. 😉

Here is a partial list of shows that used Fords and/or Mercurys. I am sure you will think of others.

• Perry Mason (went back and forth from GM to Ford)

• Arrest and Trial (Starring Chuck Conners and Ben Gazzara)

• The FBI (in COLOR!)

• Hawaii 5-0

• Highway Patrol (Used a lot of Buicks and Plymouths, but also used Mercurys)

• 77 Sunset Strip

• Mission Impossible

• The Streets of San Francisco

• Starsky and Hutch

• Cannon

• Dragnet

• Hunter

• Charlie’s Angels

Here is a interesting link from Ford about it’s current movie and TV cars.

Got any more additions?